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Car Window Screens That Fit Campervans–Luno Life Review

In my opinion, car window screens are an underrated van life / car accessory. They offer sun protection, act as a mosquito net and privacy curtain, and provide fresh air flow.

But they are next to impossible to come by for camper vans. Sure you can opt for cheap window screens from Amazon, but it’s a gamble on if they’ll fit your specific van windows. So you’re either looking at a DIY make-them-yourself project, or paying out the nose for some custom-made ones. And if you’re in a van with minimal insulation (like myself), cool air flow is so important to staying comfortable.

When I stumbled on Luno’s universal car window screens (2pcs for $49) I was pumped to see they offer window screens large enough to fit the front windows in pretty much all camper vans. I’m talkin’ Sprinters, Promasters, Transits, Econolines, Chevy Express, etc.

I measured the window frame size of my Ford E250 van’s front windows and knew the window screens would fit–which also meant they’d fit the windows in my Subaru Crosstrek, should I decide to do some car camping. A double-whammy!

So BABAM! I got Luno Life’s car window screens in size “large” and they’ve proven to be a simple way to significantly enhance my van camping or car camping experiences. Let’s dive into my full review.

What are Luno’s Car Window Screens?


Even though Luno is best-known for their custom van and car camping air mattresses, they offer a bunch of handy car camping accessories as well–including the window screens. These window screens are made of stretchy Nylon mesh that basically act as “pockets” that slide over your vehicle’s window to provide a double-layer of shaded protection.

Luno window screens come in two sizes:
  • Medium (2pc set): Designed for most cars, these screens come with elastic band seams and specifically fit the two side back windows. Will fit cars with a window height: 17.5” – 20” and window width: 27” – 38”.
  • Large (2pc set): You MUST buy this size for a camper van. Designed for most camper vans (Sprinter, Ford Transit, Promaster, Ford Econoline, etc) to fit the two front windows. The seams are made of thick, durable, double-stitched material with magnets sewn in. Will fit vans with a window height: 21” – 30” and window width 28” – 44”.

Both sizes have the same current price tag of $49 and come in a lightweight, durable storage pouch.


Luno Car Window Screen Features

The attention to detail on how these window screens are constructed is what sets them apart from your generic, budget Amazon-purchased vehicle screens.

Double-Stitched, Rugged Seams


These are seams that scream, “hey, I got you; you won’t have to worry about me fraying, getting caught on the door and tearing, or whipping around in the wind”. I couldn’t find what material the seams are actually made of, but it looks and feels just like what a car’s seatbelt is made of; a rough and thick material with double-stitching to ensure a very secure attachment.


The seam design is super reinforced where a car door would naturally close on the window screen. I could see that over time, a mesh screen would develop weak points where the car door closes–but the rugged seams on these bad boys is going to provide a much longer lifespan.

Sewn-In Magnets


I’m not sure about the “medium” size car window screens, but in the “large” size they have magnets sewn throughout the bottom seam of the mesh cover. These magnets keep the screen VERY securely in place along the outside of my van’s door. I could even drive with these on if I wanted extra UV protection on long drives.

Stretchy & Durable Nylon Mesh Screens


The screen part of these car window covers is made of 70D nylon mesh, which makes for an airy light, breathable and slightly see-through screen.

From my research, 70D nylon mesh is actually water-resistant and extremely durable, thanks to its high density weave.

And even though they are slightly see-through, the screen blocks UV rays and minimizes direct sunlight (with ~4% Visible Light Transmission, according to Luno).

Instructions Printed on Seams


I’d say the hardest thing about these mesh screens is figuring out which screen goes with which window, and which end of the screen slides on first to your car door. Well, good news–the people at Luno must’ve known that our struggle is real, so they printed instructions ON to the car window screens. This makes for such easy installation!

Universal Fit


As you can see from the pictures above, Luno’s vehicle window screens in size “large” fit both my van’s and Subaru’s front windows (they also fit the rear side windows in my Subie, since those are smaller windows).

Of course, the large mesh screens are way oversized for the Subie’s window frames, but that doesn’t bother me at all! The magnets inside the seams keep the screen securely in place, so it’s not just willy-nilly blowin’ in the wind.

It’s always risky to call anything “universal fit” but Luno has specially designed the large mesh screens to fit, truly, all of the most popular camper vans on the market. And again, if you van life but also sometimes car camp, these large screens will fit on both your van and car.

I can’t speak to the medium sized window screens but Luno states that they fit just about all rear windows of any popular car on the market. I think it’s a bit of a bummer that Luno doesn’t offer front window screens for just cars, but you could get creative and buy a set of large and medium window screens (4pcs total) to cover both sets of windows on your car. Don’t you want ultimate privacy on that camping trip?!

Overall Thoughts

luno camper van window screens warranty

Insect, Dust, Sun & Rodent Protection

What I love most about Luno’s car window screens is that I’m able to still feel present in nature even when I’m just sitting in my campervan working in the desert or forest. I can hear the wind blow, potential visitors approaching, wildlife, etc. without filling my van with bugs or dust. 

You see, my van doesn’t have rear side windows which means I either need to leave my side door open or my front windows rolled down. Translation: I’m going to welcome a bunch of gnats, mosquitos, other insects and DUST (and maybe even rodents?!) right into my van. And let’s not forget the sun glare that will make my van feel like an oven and wear down the car seat fabric–I’m always on the hunt to find ways to stay cool!

But the window screens solve those problems. And that’s invaluable when I may spend up to two weeks boondocking at any one location. The magnets in the seams are so strong, that I don’t think rodents would be able to slip underneath the screen and get in…but rodents can be tricky…

Added Privacy

My other favorite part is that between my windshield sunshade and Luno’s window screens, I don’t have to take out my big, bulky blackout privacy curtain that I usually put up in the van every night. I like a little bit of sunlight to seep through in the morning–it helps me wake up. But the blackout curtain prevented ANY sunlight from escaping–it did its job well, but I felt like I was sleeping in a pitch-black metal box. But these window screens provide a less rigid solution for nighttime privacy and let in just enough sunlight to remind me the sun is up, but not glaring in my face.


I’ve used these car window screens with my van windows both up or down. At night, I roll up the windows but leave the screens on for privacy. During the day, I roll the windows down so I can connect with nature but protect my rig from bugs, dust and rodents. Unlike other sunshade visors that require you to suction cup screens to your windows, Luno’s screens hang off of your vehicle’s window frame, making them more versatile.

My Recommendation


If you don’t mind the oversized look, I recommend buying the LARGE Luno car window screens regardless of whether you have a van or car, because it simply gives you more options. If you are using them in a regular car, then they can be used on either your front or back windows for some front or rear window sunshade. The large ones also use heavy-duty magnets in their seams, providing a more secure attachment than the medium-size window screens that just use elastic bands.

Other Luno Car Camping Accessories


Luno offers a variety of other car camping accessories and I’ve highlighted my favorites in the image above–maybe some on my wishlist this year?

The back seat privacy curtain is extremely handy in conjunction with the medium-size car window screens because it gives you full, 100% privacy inside your car. I also love the car camping fan because I simply could not survive in my van without my Maxxair ceiling fan–so I know the importance of having a light breeze on you while you sleep and the lulling sound of a fan blowing (at least, it’s critical for me).

And especially if you are car camping with extremely limited storage space, the seatback organizer is a great way to keep track of your toiletries or other knick knacks while you inevitably end up shuffling around items to get cozy in your car. The gear and shoe storage bag is perfect for putting those not-so-clean items in when you don’t want to track dirt, mud or other stuff into your car.


So, there you have it! Car window screens are a relatively cheap and easy way to manage all sorts of little inconveniences that pop up when van or car camping. If you’re looking to snag even more shade on the road, check out my review of Moonfab’s portable vehicle awning, the Moonshade.

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