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Beginner's Guide on How to Start Van Life

Choose Your Van Life Adventure!

Are you ready to pursue van life but aren’t sure where to start? I understand, I was there once, too. That’s why I’ve broken down the van life journey into multiple chapters and resources–making it easier for you to take those first initial steps!

1. Curious About Van Life?

These articles are great if you’re on the fence about pursuing the nomadic lifestyle. Read about how myself and my van friends ended up on the road, lessons learned while traveling, and–the big one–how much van life costs.

2. Are You Ready to Choose a Van?

You’ve done some preliminary research and decided you are ready to start van life. But now you need to make a huge decision: what van will you live in? Learn about budget vs luxury vans, my own budget campervan, and how to choose the best van for you.

3. Van Build Interior Ideas

Now it’s the most fun (and most challenging) part of van life: the build. You need to think as if you’re already living in it, and all the features you must have (or can go without). Read these articles to help think through every aspect of your van build.

4. Boondocking & Overnight Parking

Where can you legally overnight park in a van? How do you find free camp spots? Check out these resources that answer all questions related to free BLM camping to stealth overnight hotel parking–and my favorite apps for finding camp spots.  

5. Showering & Hygiene on the Road

Showering and going to the bathroom are usually top concerns when you’re getting ready to hit the road. Learn about all the ways you can shower on the road, the shower power of gym memberships, and how to properly go #2 outdoors!

6. Finding Work on the Road

Do you need a way to fund your travels? Maybe you’re already working remotely, or maybe you prefer short-term, local work. In any case, learn how to make a smooth transition to working on the road.

7. Eating on the Road

Eating is one of the biggest joys in life! Don’t let a cheap cooler or poorly-made portable fridge ruin your van life food experience. From buying non-perishable foods to learning how to store them properly, here’s my advice on eating well on the road.

8. Van Life on a Budget

At the heart of this blog is the love of living a frugal lifestyle. Whether that be in a van or home, I take pride in getting more out of less. Learn from my DIY methods of how to overcome van life struggles on a budget. 

9. My Favorite Van Life Gear

Don’t get me wrong, my main focus is living van life on a budget. But some items are worthy of splurging on if they’re made so well that they actually save you money in the long-run! Check out the reviews of my van life essentials.

10. Making Friends & Having Fun

Van life can be isolating and lonely at times–it isn’t all beautiful views and good times. Learn how to manage your mindset and make friends on the road–and maybe even bring a pet along!

Figuring out how to start van life doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Are you ready to dive in? Are you ready to take control of your happiness and start living more intentionally? There’s no right or wrong way to live–but if you’ve got the bug already, chances are it won’t go away until you’ve pursued it. I hope this Vandwellers Guide helps you take that initial step.

Reach out to me by filling out the contact form below to send me a message or stay updated on my adventures! Hope to hear from you soon, and happy travels 🙂 

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