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Ready to become a digital nomad? Learn how to travel on a budget, build a camper van, find remote work, and live with intention.

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Today's world makes it easier than ever to become a digital nomad. From loads of remote job opportunities, efficient and budget-friendly travel options and free WiFi around every corner to stay connected, the world is your oyster! But knowing where to start can be daunting. Explore the categories below to get a feel for how you want to start your nomadic travels!


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Curious About Budget Van Life?

Budget van life is all about simple, low maintenance builds that get you on the road quickly–and leave money in your pocket. There are infinite budget build designs – check out my own budget build below for ideas!

A Little About Me


Hi, I’m Hilary! I created this van life blog to share my love of budget travel, remote work, and inspire others to pursue the nomadic lifestyle.

After living abroad in a range of locations including Spain and Beijing, China, I took my travels to a domestic level so I could still explore (without breaking the bank). Van life was the perfect way to make that happen. 

But it hasn’t come without its challenges. From building out a van, leaving corporate life for freelancer life, to making friends on the road–it’s been a life-changing journey!

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