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21 Fun Apps for Long Distance Couples

Long-distance love might sound tough for jet-setting digital nomads and thrill-seeking van lifers, but if you’ve already gone against the grain with your untraditional lifestyle, then you’ve already proven you are capable of doing it again for a long distance relationship!

And it never hurts to have some helpful tools on-hand–there are all sorts of apps for long distance couples that will help keep the spark alive.

Trust me- I’ve spent the last 2.5 years in a long distance relationship where I’ve lived in my camper van and my boyfriend constantly travels (by plane) for his job. You could say we’ve become experts at finding creative ways to enjoy our long distance relationship

Long distance relationship apps are the digital upgrade to LDR dating that we didn’t know we needed. Buckle up for a digital upgrade that’ll make long distance relationships go the distance!

1. Couple Game: Relationship Quiz


It can be tough getting to know your partner on a deeper level when you’re in a long distance relationship. That’s where the Couple Game Relationship Quiz app can help each of you learn more about the other through fun, short quizzes.

Simply answer a set of questions, wait for your partner to answer the same questions, then guess each other’s answers! Whoever has more right answers, “wins” – but you’re really both the winners! You can save the questions and answers to refer to later, if you want to remember their favorite restaurant, color, destination, etc. to help plan a gift or getaway idea.

Choose from hundreds of questions from all different types of categories. There’s a free version and a paid, premium version of the app, depending on how intensely you use it!

2. Between: Private Messaging and Schedule App


Want a space just for you two? Between is mainly a messaging app that encrypts all of its data, so you can feel safe and secure having completely private communication with your long distance partner. You can also share calendars so you can both celebrate event countdowns and see what the other is up to throughout the week. This is a convenient feature when both of you have jam-packed schedules and want to find a short stint of time to catch up.

Some reviewers note that they love the animated stickers in the messaging app to spice up conversations, and other reviewers love the ability to see their partner’s schedule and know when they’re available. There’s a free and paid version of the Between app– it seems the paid version simply provides an ad free experience. Up to you!

3. Twig: Journal for Couples


Dubbed the “shared journal for couples”, Twig allows you to build a virtual scrapbook together by uploading photos and adding cute notes to look back on. Relive virtual dinner dates, celebrate inside jokes, and let your story thrive.

Twig is a free app and was created by a couple whose love of scrapbooking and sharing memories spilled over in to the digital world. They created this app because they felt sharing stuff on social media is too public, and scrapbooking can be hard and expensive. A great app for creative couples who like sharing private memories together!

4. Marco Polo: Video Walkie Talkie


Here’s your ticket to heartfelt virtual conversations: Marco Polo. Forget the waiting game; send real-time video messages when it suits you. It’s like having face-to-face chats whenever you want, minus the scheduling chaos.

These video walkie-talkies add a touch of realness, a dash of spontaneity, and lots of intimacy. Send real-time video messages for a personal connection at your own pace. No more playing phone tag – just authentic connections.

5. FeelConnect: Intimacy from Afar


Kiiroo, the company behind the FeelConnect app, creates all sorts of adult toys that can remotely Bluetooth connect to your partner’s phone! I think it’s as close to “doing it” with each other as you can get while being long-distance 😉 A way to work on your remote intimacy and physical connection, despite not being physically together.

Kiiroo Couples' set - Onyx2 and Pearl2
Kiiroo Couples' set - Onyx2 and Pearl2

That being said, the Kiiroo toys are a bit pricey and the app doesn’t have a great rating (2.4 stars) – so I recommend being aware of their return policy before purchasing a device and trying it out for yourselves! Nothing worse than trying to have a sexy video chat date, only for it to feel more like a tech support call…!

6. Gyft: Send Gift Cards from Afar


If your love language includes gift-giving, then the Gyft app is a must-have for your long distance relationship. Choose from over 200 retailers in all sorts of categories, and how much money you want on the gift card, then send off your gift with a few clicks of a button. Maybe their favorite restaurant, an iTunes gift card, a gift card to their favorite clothing or jewelry store…

7. Kast: Long-Distance Movie Nights


Watch movies together virtually with synchronized video playback and chat. You can even invite friends and host watch parties!

Kast works like video conferencing apps such as Zoom, where you can host a virtual “room” meeting and share your video or screen. But Zoom only lets you have free 40-min long meetings–you have to buy a paid subscription if you want longer meetings. But Kast provides unlimited meeting times, allowing you to binge watch Netflix to your heart’s content!

8. HeyTell: Voice Messaging App


Is one of your love languages words of affirmation? Take it to the next level with HeyTell, a voice messaging app that lets you hear your partner’s voice at the drop of a hat. No more typing out those heartfelt messages.

Voice messaging is the perfect form of communication–more personal than texting, but less overhead than video chatting. HeyTell is free, sends messages faster than SMS, and barely uses data (no more than sending an email). Feel the connection, one voice note at a time.

9. Gottman Card Decks: Improve Your Relationship


From a date idea to an intimate rendezvous, the Gottman Card Decks app offers over 1,000 virtual flash cards with statements, questions, and ideas for enhancing your emotional connection (remotely) together. The flash cards are modeled after the Gottman Institute’s research-based approach to love and relationships.

Flip through cards in different categories focused on date ideas, getting to know your partner better, or spicing up video chat dates.

10. TouchNote: Personalized Postcards


Feeling those distance blues? Enter TouchNote, the app that turns virtual moments into real memories. How? Customized postcards! Snap your adventures, personalize them, and send them as real, physical post cards.

Help them celebrate important dates, holidays, or maybe just a postcard of a special memory the two of you shared. You can choose from all sorts of premade or customizable post cards, add personal messages, and use TouchNote’s free worldwide delivery to send off your card.

11. Lovewick: Relationship Builder


Meet Lovewick, your go-to quiz date idea app to increase your bond. Dive into interactive quizzes that spark meaningful conversations and reveal exciting insights about each other.

Lovewick acts as a couples questions game, shared virtual journal, relationship event tracker, and shared calendar, all in one. Couples can sync their paired devices so they can both see date ideas, cute memories, and upcoming events, across devices.

12. Locket Widget: Lock Screen Photos


Surprise your partner with photos of you two throughout the day with Locket Widget, that lets you send personal pictures straight to your partner’s phone lock screen. They’ll see a new photo every time they unlock their phone–a fun way to say “hey!” I’m thinking of you”.

13. Love Nudge: Relationship Building


Looking to ramp up the romance? Say hello to Love Nudge, the relationship builder app based on love languages. It’s all about expressing affection in ways that speak to your partner’s heart. In the words of the creators, “Love Nudge is a fun, habit-forming app that helps you intentionally express love in ways that are most meaningful to your partner.”

Because it’s not even just about expressing love, but expressing love in the ways that our partners recognize, understand, and appreciate, that will help you stay connected and build deeper intimacy.

14. Pairy: Privately Shared Photos and Notes


Want to keep your shared memories in one place? Pairy is your go-to app for creating a digital secret photo album with your partner. No more searching through galleries and chats to find those cherished moments. And don’t worry–the app can be used in English even though it was originally created in Japanese!

It also features countdown app capabilities, so you can both eagerly countdown the days until your next visit, anniversary, or special day. Privately share photos, notes, and memorable experiences to build a unique digital diary.

15. Skype: Classic Video Calling


Hey distant darlings, hop on a Skype date! Skype has got your back with classic video calling. No frills, just you and your partner talking and laughing as if you’re in the same room. It’s like a virtual hangout minus the jet lag.

Skype is a great option for international long distance couples, unlike Facetime that can be more finicky. Get those genuine conversations flowing, maintaining that visual connection that makes you feel closer.

16. Tinkovu: "I'm Thinking of You"


Sometimes you don’t need a full-blown conversation with your long distance partner; just a quick “I’m thinking of you” note. The Tinkovu app is the perfect way to show your love with a quick hello.

Basically, you send a “tink” to your partner, which can be a photo, sketch, or chat message, and they only have fifteen minutes to view and reply, and then it disappears forever. Tinkovu is free and doesn’t require an account to use.

17. iPassion: Hot Games for Couples


iPassion is like trivia but with a sexy twist–all questions are focused on your physical connection and building the sexual tension. This app is sort like truth-or-dare meets Trivia, and each of you earn points if you guess the others’ answers correctly.

No matter your sexual preferences, iPassion will give you both something to explore about each other and yourselves! Take note though, according to one reviewer, iPassion offers 3 free levels and then requires a payment of $9.99 if you want to move up a level.

18. Snapchat: Ultimate Video Chat


I’m sure you’ve heard of the infamous Snapchat. Originally started with a slightly scandalous goal of helping people or cheaters message others in complete secrecy, Snapchat has since become an innocent and easy way for anyone to send short and fun videos. It now also has a chat feature, sending money feature, and shared-location feature.

Between the endless filters, emojis, and create-your-own avatars, you and your partner can easily lose hours sending funny and cute videos back and forth. Watch your partner’s videos whenever is convenient for you–but once you watch them, they disappear forever!

Share your day with your SO at your convenience, knowing that even if you schedules don’t align that day, they will still get to see how your day was.

19. WhatsApp: Text and Voice Messages


WhatsApp is used by people worldwide for super convenient and free international messaging, phone calls and video calls. If you and your long distance partner are separated by borders, then Whatsapp is a great app for casual messaging and calls. It even has a great free library of GIFs…

Feel the intimacy of every word exchanged, knowing it’s your secret world: exchange texts and voice messages with end-to-end encryption.

20. We-Vibe: Intimate Date Nights


No question that handling physical connection is one of the hardest aspects of a long distance relationship. With We-Vibe, send private steamy messages and get in the mood to remotely connect to each other’s sex toys, allowing you to control each other’s…ehrm, vibes.

Use the video chat feature to watch each other’s faces twist in pleasure as things heat up…. 😉

21. Teleparty: Watch Together Online


I say this from experience: one of the worst parts about long distance relationships is when you start a binge-worthy new show together, but have to wait until your next visit to keep watching!

That’s where the Teleparty Chrome extension / Android app comes in clutch–you don’t have to worry about “cheating” on your partner by sneaking an episode without them. You can watch movies and shows remotely together while you send messages with the chat feature. Binge watch Netflix, watch Youtube videos, or even use with Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO or Amazon Prime Video.

Grab some popcorn, a cozy blanket, and your favorite flick – sync up your movie watching, share reactions in real-time, and feel the movie magic together, no matter the distance.

Summing It Up

We’ve all heard that communication is key in a successful relationship. That’s why many long distance relationship apps are centered around increasing the quality and frequency of communication between long distance partners.

Because let’s be real, when you’re in a long distance relationship, all you really have is communication. Whether that’s in the form of a phone call, video chat, text message, sharing funny Instagram reels, or even a good ‘ol fashioned letter–these long distance relationship apps are designed to help you mix things up while strengthening your communication and bond.

These apps aren’t just tools; they’re pathways to deeper connection and more meaningful conversation with your long distance partner.

Remember, love knows no boundaries, and neither do these apps. They’re the modern magic keeping your connection strong. So, gear up, tech-savvy lovers! Embrace these digital gems and turn miles into mere numbers. Your love story just got an upgrade!

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