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Victor, Idaho to Jackson Hole: Epic Weekend Itinerary

Victor and Jackson Hole make a complementary pair for a weekend getaway. The Teton mountain range sits between these two towns which makes for a gorgeous hour-long drive between the two towns.

What To Do In Jackson Hole or Victor

Go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for tourist shopping, upscale dining or sight-seeing. Go to Victor, Idaho for cheaper overnight accommodations, small town feels with great breweries, and local hiking. 

Real talk, I won two free nights at Teton Valley Resort at my then-boyfriend’s work Christmas party. Originally envisioning a romantic weekend getaway, life swerved on me, we broke up, and I took my best gal pals instead. #NoRegrets. 

We filled our time with hiking, breweries and going out on the town. Let’s break down our weekend itinerary from Victor, Idaho to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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Victor to Jackson: Weekend Itinerary

teton mountain range
Teton mountain range at sunset


Check-in at Teton Valley Resort

Our crew of five arrived at our cabin in Teton Valley Resort on a Friday evening in July. The resort is located in the small town of Victor, Idaho. These cabins are brand-spankin’ new and ours had a queen bed, bunk bed set, and pullout-couch to fit all of us. 

teton valley resort queen cabin
Queen cabin, photo by Teton Valley Resort
interior queen cabin
Queen cabin interior, photo by Teton Valley Resort

The cabin has all kitchen amenities (fridge, stove, sink, microwave) so you can opt to eat in if desired. It’s a tight space for five, though, so make sure you like your company! Normally, the price is $175/night – so a total of $350 for the weekend. When that’s split up between 4-5 people, that makes it really reasonably priced for everyone. 

Dinner at the Knotty Pine

After unpacking, we piled back into the car and made the whopping 3-minute drive to the Knotty Pine bar and restaurant. We weren’t sure where to eat but there are only so many options in the small town. Thankfully, the food was delicious and the restaurant had cozy old cabin feels. You can tell a lot of fun has been had in this place–apparently it’s great for live music. It was definitely setting us up for a good weekend. 

knotty pine restaurant victor id

After dinner, we headed back to the cabin and passed out, beat from our long drive from Salt Lake City. We had a day of hiking and going out on the town planned the next day, so rest was important!


Hike Darby Canyon Wind Cave Trail

After breakfast in the cabin on Saturday morning, we got ready to hike Darby Canyon Trail to Wind Caves. My friend’s brother-in-law grew up in the area and suggested the hike as a local favorite. Our crew wasn’t looking for a super intense hike but still wanted to catch some views–this fit the bill. 

Darby Canyon Trail Quick Facts:
  • Length: 6.3 miles out & back
  • Elevation gain: 1,811 ft
  • Hike time: 3-6 hours
  • Access to waterfall and cave
  • Technically located in Alta, Wyoming
Directions to Darby Canyon Trailhead

The trailhead is about twenty minutes outside the town of Driggs, Idaho. Follow the dusty, bumpy (and very remote) Darby Canyon Road all the way to the end. Won’t lie, I remember wondering if we’d taken a wrong turn because it felt like we were going into the middle of nowhere.

According to AllTrails, the turnoff for Darby Canyon Road from Highway 33 is just south of Spud Theater. The turnoff is easy to miss–when you reach the fork to the girls camp, stay left.

Hiking to Wind Caves
Starting our hike up Darby Canyon Trail

ascending-darby-canyon-trail-caveascending-darby-canyon-trail-caveI’m so glad we stayed committed to this hike despite the bumpy drive in because it was a really unique hike. The trail to the caves winds pleasantly through green forest and is very well-established.

As you climb up in elevation, the views of the surrounding mountains get more expansive. You can see for what feels like miles over the Jedediah Smith Wilderness. We passed other hikers but even for a Saturday, it never felt crowded.

A couple miles into the hike, it began to get steeper

The first couple of miles are fairly flat through forest. But as you get closer to reaching the cave, you start to ascend up a pretty steep trail. Water actually runs out of the high-vaulted cave and down below it, creating a sort of rock waterfall. 

Small waterfall at entrance of Wind Cave

Bring a jacket because the temperature dramatically drops once you enter the cave. And the further back you go, the colder, darker, and quieter it becomes. Not only that, but the space becomes smaller! 

Inside Wind Cave

I recommend bringing a flashlight or headlamp so you can still see as you go further into the cave. Watch your step because stepping over wet rocks in the dark is *shockingly* a bit tough. 

Full shot of Wind Cave

Look how crazy dark and small this cave gets! There’s a small passage that you can crawl into and it supposedly goes for miles through the rock. Only one from our crew was brave enough to crawl in. Apparently, she tried talking to us while in there, but we couldn’t hear her due to the thick rock walls.  

At the deepest part of Wind Cave–not ready to crawl!

Watch your step as you make your way back down the mountain. The combination of steep hillside and loose gravel makes for slippery footing.

Heading back down Darby Canyon trail

Visit Victor Emporium

After our hike, we walked around the cute downtown of Victor, Idaho and tried the all-famous huckleberry shakes. If you want the best shakes, go to Victor Emporium. Their shakes are made with ice cream from Farr Candy Co. in Idaho Falls and fresh huckleberries picked from local foragers. 

Victor Emporium has a lot of character so be sure to check out the fun souvenirs and entertaining signs out front while enjoying your shake! 

Goofing around at Victor Emporium

Have a Beer at Grand Teton Brewing Co.

When entering the town of Victor from the east, the first brewery you’ll see is Grand Teton Brewing Company. We stopped here to have a drink and soak up the beautiful mountain views that surround this quaint brewery.

Grand Teton Brewing Co, photo by Evgeniya Bozhko

The brewery has casual outdoor seating in the surrounding field, and a food truck is usually outside. Play corn hole, bring your dog, or just hang out and enjoy the day.

Head to Jackson Hole for Dinner & Dancing

The drive from Victor to Jackson Hole is beautiful but you need to plan accordingly. It’s a strong hour through remote areas that may not have cell service. We established who would be the designated driver on our way home before hitting the road. 

Driving to Jackson Hole for the night

Dinner at Pizzeria Caldera

After napping and getting ready at our cabin, we headed to Pizzeria Caldera in Jackson Hole for dinner. I really liked the pizza because it was thin crust and loaded with flavor. I didn’t just feel bloated and still hungry like I sometimes do after eating *unworthy* pizza.

Eating dinner at Pizzeria Caldera

Dancing at Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

After doing some window shopping, we walked to the iconic Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in the center of Jackson Hole town square. This is where my memory gets a little fuzzy…but I insist you put this on your visit list! 


Live music, square dancing and legit cowboys asking you to dance are just a few of the things you can count on. The venue is huge and the drinks are cheap. I’ll be honest, I had lunch there once and it was not good (and over-priced). The hamburger had no flavor and was poorly put together. The onion rings were 90% bread and grease. But, you don’t go there for the food!

The energy is high, fun and contagious. All of us ladies hit the dance floor at some point.

Winding Down at The Rose

After leaving the Cowboy Bar, we walked across the street to the smaller and more intimate bar, The Rose. Also much more expensive and up-scale. We didn’t stay long here; just long enough to realize we were all ready for bed. So we began the hour’s drive back to Victor.

But not before taking this unforgettable picture in front of the iconic Jackson Hole Elk Antlers Arch.

Hanging under the famous elk antlers


Sunday morning was slow as we processed the events from the night before. We had breakfast and relaxed with some card games before starting our long drive home. 

Little did we know, we’d end up having a car breakdown right before leaving Jackson. We ended up walking around town and sleeping on bean bags inside a K-Mart as we waited a few hours for our car to be fixed. 

Thankfully, we were back on the road pretty quickly. I wouldn’t recommend that part in your weekend itinerary, though.


There are infinite activities to do between Victor, Idaho and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I love how our weekend panned out because we got a taste of local vibes and did some outdoor exploring without spending way too much money. 

If you want to explore Jackson Hole, it’s tempting to book a hotel in the area. But even staying in a Super 8 hotel right outside of the town will run you over $200 per night. It’s also a tiny space, run-down space (trust me, I stayed here once). 

If you’re open to making the hour drive into Jackson Hole from Victor, you’ll save money on accommodations and get the chance to explore the less touristy area of the Tetons! Good beer, friendly locals, and gorgeous mountain views.

Looking for more fun weekend itineraries? Check out my experience at Park City’s “Park Silly” street festival, or spend a weekend camping at Utah’s Antelope Island State Park!

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