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11 Summer Seasonal Jobs Ideal for Road Travelers

Summer is the perfect time for travelers to explore new places, experience different environments, and make some money along the way. If you are less interested in full time remote jobs and prefer gaining new work experiences every season or so, then a temporary fun summer job is right up your alley.

Whether you’re a student on break or a digital nomad looking for temporary work, these seasonal jobs are great options for travelers seeking adventure and financial stability during the summer season–and they’re available across the country.

1. Resort or Hotel Staff


Resources to start job hunting:

Many tourist destinations experience an influx of visitors during the summer, leading to a higher demand for resort and hotel staff. From working as a front desk agent, bellhop, concierge, valet, kitchen cook, cleaning maid, maintenance tech, to a lifeguard or a bartender, these positions allow you to explore new locations while gaining valuable hospitality experience.

2. Off-Season Ski Resort Staff


Resources to start job hunting:

Just because snow isn’t falling, doesn’t mean ski resorts are shut down! Most ski resorts still offer summer activities such as mountain biking, hiking, summer camps, recreational events and more, right at their lodges and mountains. Many ski resort jobs provide housing as well, since they are typically located up remote canyons that make for a difficult daily commute. Translation: you get a fun summer job in a gorgeous location with free housing!

3. Summer Camp Counselor


Resources to start job hunting:

If you enjoy working with children of all ages and spending time outdoors, being a summer camp counselor is an excellent option. Seasonal positions can range from counselor, camp nurse, swim instructor, camp cook, horseback riding instructor, specialized counselor to work with kids with disabilities, and even accounting specialist. Summer camps provide an exciting opportunity to engage in various activities such as hiking, swimming, arts and crafts, and team sports while helping make a positive difference in kids’ lives.

4. Tour Guide


Resources to start job hunting:

Do you have in-depth knowledge about a particular city or tourist destination? becoming a tour guide can be both rewarding and entertaining. Share your passion for history, culture, and local attractions as you lead tourists through the most fascinating spots in your chosen location.

5. Fruit Picking


Resources to start job hunting:

Fruit picking is a popular seasonal job, especially in agricultural areas. Spend your summer days in beautiful orchards or farms, harvesting fruits like berries, apples, or peaches. It’s an active job that allows you to enjoy nature and often offers the chance to interact with other travelers.

6. Event Staff


Resources to start job hunting:

Festivals, concerts, and sporting events often require extra staff during the summer months. From ticket sales to event coordination or crowd management, working at events can be an exciting way to meet people, experience unique festivities, and earn extra income. Be prepared to work weekends if you choose an event staff job, since concerts and festivals typically run throughout weekends!

7. Cruise Ship Employee


Resources to start job hunting:

This is one of the more unique summer seasonal jobs since you will be traveling around the country (or world) with your clientele. As a crew member, you’ll get to explore multiple destinations, enjoy onboard amenities, and engage with guests from all over the world. Positions can range from housekeeping and hospitality to entertainment and tour guiding. Working on a cruise ship would definitely make for an unforgettable summer–just make sure you aren’t prone to sea sickness!

8. National Park Worker


Resources to start job hunting:

National parks are popular summer destinations, and they often hire seasonal workers for various roles, including park rangers, campground hosts, trail guides, and visitor center staff. If you have a love for nature and enjoy outdoor activities, these jobs offer an excellent opportunity to explore stunning landscapes.

9. Language Teacher


Resources to start job hunting:

If you’re fluent in a second language, consider working as a language teacher during the summer. Many language schools and programs offer short-term contracts for teaching English or other languages. This job allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture while sharing your language skills with others. And if you plan on traveling abroad someday, it’s a great way to make international connections you could meet up with later!

10. Outdoor Adventure Instructor


Resources to start job hunting:

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast with skills in activities like rock climbing, kayaking, or hiking, working as an adventure instructor could be a great fit. Many adventure tourism companies hire seasonal instructors to guide groups and teach outdoor skills in breathtaking locations.

You’ll just want to make sure you either have experience working in whatever activity you choose, or are highly knowledgable on said activity, since some of these can be riskier than your average camp counselor job.

11. Summer Campground Host


Resources to start job hunting:

Campgrounds are in high demand during the summer, and they often hire seasonal hosts to assist with registration, maintenance, and customer service. As a campground host, you’ll get to spend your summer in scenic locations while ensuring campers have a memorable experience. Oftentimes, campground hosts will live in a campervan or RV near the entrance to a campground.

When should I start applying for summer seasonal jobs?

Applicants should start looking sooner than later. A general rule of thumb is to start applying three months out from when you’d like to be working. Some companies may start posting summer seasonal jobs and accepting applications as early as winter, in order to maximize their time to find the best candidates.

I recommend bookmarking the “Careers” or “Jobs” page of your dream companies and checking them on a weekly basis. You can even try reaching out to companies in advance, before they have posted jobs, to help stand out from the pack and get your foot in the door.

How long do summer seasonal jobs last?

Typically, seasonal positions last about three months. But it can vary greatly depending on the job position. For example, camp counselor jobs will last only as long as the summer camp program. Whereas a hotel job could turn from seasonal to a more full time position, depending on their needs and your interest in extending your work stay.

How do I file taxes for a seasonal job?

You will have to fill out a W-4 form in order to report your seasonal job earnings. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will owe taxes, but you have to report your income regardless. You may not have to file federal or state taxes if your earnings were below the standard deduction. Check out my high-level overview of how to handle digital nomad taxes.

So, Are These Summer Jobs Calling to You?

Seasonal summer jobs provide an ideal opportunity for travelers to combine work and exploration. Whether it’s working at a resort, guiding tours, or picking fruits, these jobs allow you to earn money while immersing yourself in new environments, meeting people from different backgrounds, and creating unforgettable summer memories.

So, pack your bags, choose your destination, and embark on a summer adventure that blends work and travel like never before. And let’s not forget that winter will be right around the corner before you know it–check out my roundup of top fun winter seasonal positions for travelers!

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