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Best Portable Travel Bidets: Keep Your Tush Fresh on the Go

I grew up in a household that was all too proud of our bidet use. We had a Brondell bidet and we’d call it, “takin’ a ride on the buckin’ Brondell”. Don’t ask…

Sure, you’ve probably experienced the beauty of a portable toilet if you’re a vanlifer or nomad. But a portable bidet is the lesser-known, debatably more satisfying travel tool to keep in your personal hygiene arsenal.

Europe and Asia have already been on their bidet game for years, and bidets are just starting to make a splash, so to speak, in America. They’re a great way to keep you fresh on the go and reduce the use of toilet paper and/or wet wipes. Which saves you money and saves the planet from non-biodegradable PFAS “forever chemicals” that are found in TP and wet wipes. A win all-around!

Best Travel Bidets at a Glance

What is a Travel Bidet?

A travel bidet is simply a refillable water bottle attached to a tube and nozzle that sprays out water. There are non-electric and electric travel bidets available that can provide varying levels of water pressure, spray precision, and discreetness.

The purpose of a bidet is to wash your groin and/or posterior area from urine or fecal matter by spraying water on the target areas. Just keep in mind that a feminine bidet wash must be performed properly so that infection doesn’t occur, if you get dangerous bacteria near your sensitive bits

How Do You Use a Travel Bidet?

There can be a bit of a learning curve to using travel bidets. Many people report awkward angles, accidentally spraying water everywhere, or ending up with a dripping-wet bum. But once you get the hang of it, it’s an absolute game-changer.

The basic usage steps are the same for nearly all portable bidets: fill the water bottle with cool or warm water, tightly secure the nozzle, resume your preferred position and then spray from either the front or back onto your private parts. You’ll have to squeeze manual portable bidets for water and just push a button or turn a dial for electric portable bidets. 

A travel bidet can fit in nearly all travel backpacks or carry-on luggage–some even fit in a purse! 

Best Portable Travel Bidets on the Market

When you’re on the hunt for a portable bidet, the key features to look out for are ease of use, compact for easy packing, and (ideally) budget-friendly. Check out my top picks.

Best Overall: Redsack Portable Bidet Bottle

Key Features

  • Water capacity: 12.8 fl oz
  • 65-degree angled ergonomic nozzle
  • Collapsible, compact design
  • Comes in a range of cute pastel colors

What I like: This bidet has impressive water capacity for how small it packs up and doesn’t sacrifice on a long nozzle. It’s budget-friendly ($15) and is actually quite stylish! The lid protects the spray nozzle from dirt, dust or other outside debris that could clog it. Most collapsible designs don’t have a long spray nozzle, which results in some loss of spray precision and water pressure. But this design has that by retracting the nozzle into the reservoir bottle.

What to consider: While most reviewers report a great experience with no leaking, a handful report that the bottle feels flimsy and does leak. It seems the design has not been air lock tight for a select few.

Most Stealthy (With Bottle): Tushy Travel Bidet

Key Features

  • Water capacity: 11 fl oz
  • Collapsible, soft bottle
  • Folds up into size of palm
  • Short, foldable nozzle
  • Comes with keychain carabiner and travel bag

What I like: At just 6in x 3in in size (expanded), this portable travel bidet is a convenient choice for backpackers or hikers. The included carabiner gives you the option to attach it off of your backpack, where it will stray protected in the durable travel bag it comes in. For such a short nozzle, it reportedly still puts out respectable water pressure.

What to consider: A handful of people report that the silicone can crack or leak along with folded ridges of the water bottle. And if you plan to carry this portable bidet full of water on a hike, it’s going to add a bit of weight.

Most Stealthy (Without Bottle): CuloClean Portable Bidet

Key Features

  • Water capacity: n/a
  • Ultimate discreet; fits into palm
  • Rugged; no parts that can break
  • Versatile; fits varying bottle sizes

What I like: The CuloClean bidet wash is simply a bottle cap with a built-in water valve that weighs just 0.42 oz and can fit nearly any size bottle. Just screw the cap onto your preferred bottle and spray for an instant bidet wash! Ideal for camping and hiking, you can even store it in your car’s glove box. It’s also made of recyclable material.

What to consider: If you use this bidet for backpacking or hiking, you’ll still have to carry a compatible water bottle, which will add weight and take up space. There’s a review stating that water leaks from the valve when turned upside-down because there isn’t a stopper in place. There’s another review that says water pressure is too weak–although I bet the water bottle you choose plays a big role in that.

Largest Water Capacity: Vowcarol Bidet Bottle

Key Features

  • Water capacity: 18.9 fl oz
  • Easy store nozzle
  • Angled spray head with dust cap

What I like: This large portable bidet holds enough water so you won’t have to worry about refilling midway through your butt shower. And even though it’s big, it’s super lightweight and the nozzle has 360-degree rotation. Many reviewers actually use it at home and not for traveling, since they feel it does a better job than the toilet bidets.

What to consider: Unlike most other portable bidets on this list made of silicone or nontoxic material, this bottle is made of plastic. Of course, it’s near impossible to say if the plastic material could cause harm. But using hot or warm water may release more potentially harmful plastic chemicals.

Most Simple and Reliable: HappyPo Butt Shower

Key Features

  • Water capacity: 10 fl oz
  • Ergonomic bottle and nozzle
  • Free of BPA and plastic
  • Comes with storage bag

What I like: Cleaning this bidet is easy because it’s only two simple parts. It is reportedly air lock tight and provides enough pressure for a thorough bottom cleansing. It’s one of the more health and eco-conscious bidets on this list because it’s free of BPAs and any plastic materials.

What to consider: The HappyPo doesn’t have a retractable nozzle, making it less compact and portable than others. One reviewer noted that the water stream comes out a little heavy, meaning after 5-6 squeezes, the bottle was empty. But HappyPo makes an XL portable bidet if you find you need more water capacity.

Most Versatile: VIKKEN Go+ 2nd Gen Bidet

Key Features

  • Water capacity: 6.75 fl oz
  • Electric, USB-C powered
  • Two different spray speeds
  • Can be used with water bottle included or attached to external bottles
  • 180-degree flip-out nozzle

What I like: The two different spray speeds make this portable bidet ideal for truly any situation, from gently cleaning a baby’s bottom to giving yourself a deep clean ;). You can attach the retractable nozzle to either the bottle it came with or an external bottle between 250ml-590ml (8oz-20oz) in size, which makes it super versatile. This sleek travel bidet will discreetly fit in your suitcase and gets up to 100 uses off of one USB-C charge. Lots of reviewers report an impressively strong pressure for maximum cleansing.

What to consider: One reviewer noted that the bidet is a “little loud” when in use–which may make some shy public bathroom users uncomfortable. Others have mentioned that the bidet can’t hold enough water so they have to refill during each use. And with a $39 price tag, it isn’t the cheapest portable bidet on the market.

Best Spray Stream: Easy@Home Portable Bidet

Key Features

  • Water capacity: 11.8 fl oz
  • Electric, USB-C powered
  • 4 different water speeds/pressures
  • Can be used on bottle included or separate bottles

What I like: This travel bidet is extremely similar in design and functionality to the Vikken Go+ except it has nearly double the water holding capacity and four different spray settings, versus just two. You can choose both the water pressure strength and the concentration of the flow. And unlike the Vikken, which is made of mostly plastic, the Easy@Home is made of stainless steel and boasts a metal air lock tight seal. It can also be used separately from the bottle and attached to external bottles that use a standard PCO28 thread (30mm).

What to consider: Because it comes with such a bigger bottle, this bidet is a little less portable and discreet to carry in your luggage or store in your glove box. You can opt to just carry around the nozzle for more portability, but a few reviewers note that the nozzle doesn’t fit on regular-sized water bottles typically found in the US, making bottle replacement really difficult. The bottle is manufactured in China, hence it probably fits the typical bottle sizes found in Asia.

What are the Benefits of a Travel Bidet?

Once you’ve experienced a bidet wash, you might just say goodbye to toilet paper. The benefits of a travel bidet include:

  • Feeling fresh: Keep optimum hygiene at the drop of a hat, no matter where you are.

  • More sanitary: A bidet wash is more sanitary than wiping with toilet paper because it completely washes away urine or fecal matter, unlike TP where you just.keep.wiping.

  • Eco-friendly: Not only does a bidet help you reduce the use of toilet paper (and its harmful PFAS chemicals), but bidets are also an eco-friendly alternative to non-biodegradable wet wipes.

  • Money-saving: A refillable simple portable bidet could replace weeks, months or even years worth of spend on buying toilet paper or wet wipes.

  • Camping and backpacking: Don’t worry about having to pack out your unhygienic, used toilet paper. Get that shower-fresh feel everyday of your trip with a camping bidet.

  • Pregnancy mobility: A hand held bidet wash may be easier for an expecting mother to use than trying to reach around and wipe. It’s also been found to be soothing on sore perineums.

  • Postpartum care: Use during diaper change time to help reduce mess and the use of toilet paper.

  • Elderly care: Ease the potential difficulty of wiping and reduce the chance of infection or UTIs.

So, Are Travel Bidets Worth It?

I believe they are absolutely worth it. Most travel bidets cost between $15-$40, which seems really reasonable for a product you could potentially use daily. Bidets just have so many obvious benefits: save your wallet, your body and the planet by using less toilet paper and wet wipes that aren’t biodegradable and/or contain harmful PFAS “forever chemicals”.

Particularly, I think a travel bidet is a necessity for any vanlifer since vanlifers constantly have to either go to the bathroom outside or empty their portable toilet. And bidets are simply more hygienic than toilet paper because they can clean more thoroughly and don’t leave residue behind (ASSuming you know what you’re doing).

So, are you ready to buy your own travel bidet or gift one to your nomad friend? Check out my other van life gift ideas to pair with a travel bidet!


Transparency note: please keep in mind that some links in my articles may be affiliate links, to which I may make a small commission at no extra to you, should you book travel or buy a product or service through one of these links. I only recommend products or services created by brands I know and trust. 

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