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Ep. 1 Van Life Couple Has Strange Experience at Hot Springs

Welcome to the First Episode of the Van Life Horror Stories Podcast!

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Synopsis of Episode 1

Jason and Sara (also known as @bettywhiteandtheboondockers on Instagram) have been living the van life–or really, truck life! Since August of 2019. One of their favorite things to do is travel to hot springs. 

They’ve explored tons of hot springs, especially ones in Nevada. After coming across a hot springs guidebook in Sara’s dad’s home, they decided to hit up some listed in the book along Route 50. 

But before even making it to the hot spring, a couple of weird events would foreshadow the rest of their night. And…the morning after was no better for them. Let’s just say their story is like a bunch of eerie mini-stories packed in to one. 

But the best part? Them being able to tell a great story and laugh about it after the fact–whether they were microwaved by a government experiment or abducted by aliens! 

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Pictures of the Nevada Hot Springs

hot spring nevada weird van life experience
nevada hot spring military war games

Where to Find Sara and Jason

Follow their truck adventures as they explore more hot springs on Instagram at @bettywhiteandtheboondockers. You can also find Sara’s conceptual, feminist-based artwork at

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