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Women’s Jambu Shoes (Where to Buy, Review & Discount Code!)

Jambu shoes for women are at the cornerstone of fashion and comfort. And when you’re living van life on a budget, there’s nothing better than having clothing that serves multiple functions

I came across the Jambu brand on my hunt for stylish, active shoes that were designed to be comfortable before anything else. I (naturally) ended up wanting to buy ten different styles, but limited myself to just two: the Jenny Knit sneakers and the extremely popular Rome sandals

I consider the Jenny Knit shoe and the Rome sandal summertime shoes–the Jenny Knit has mesh-like, side vents that really air out your foot. And the Rome sandal is, well, a sandal for warm weather activities!

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Where to Buy Jambu Shoes

You can shop Jambu shoes at any of these retailers:

Features of Jambu Shoes for Women

Jambu offers a range of sizes (including wide and extra large sizes) with prices ranging from $25-$200. 

All of Jambu’s shoes have either all, or a handful, of these qualities:

  • All Terra Traction uses partially recycled and non-marking outsole material for top-notch durability and traction.
  • Memory Foam Footbed – I think this feature is in every Jambu style and it makes for the softest, most comfortable foot insole.
  • Vegan style shoes use zero materials containing animal products without compromising on comfort and durability.
  • Water Resistant styles are made of SATRA certified materials that allow water to bead and roll off of them–but don’t mistake them for being fully waterproof!
  • Waterproof styles use similar SATRA certified materials but with ultimate water resistance while maintaining a breathable material.
  • Water Ready designs leverage drainage port holes and rapidly drying material to maximize the speed of drying your feet.

Review of the Rome Wedge Sandal



  • Very lightweight
  • Supportive and cushioned soles
  • Comfortable upper textile material
  • Simple bungee-strap “laces”
  • Stylish and versatile 


  • White rubber outsoles can get dirty easily

This Ancient Rome-vibe sandal instantly caught my eye because I’ve always been a fan of the gladiator, extra strappy sandal look. But as someone who wants minimal effort and maximum functionality in a shoe, I love that the straps use a frontal-bungee strap system so I don’t have to deal with tightening or tying a bunch of confusing straps.  


The sandal comes in beige, metallic silver, or black–I opted for black because I tend to get my footwear dirty quickly and thought it’d be the easiest to keep nice-looking (hide that dirt!). 

I originally ordered the Rome sandals in a size 8 since that’s my typical size, but just pulling them out of the box, I could tell they’d be too big. I ended up swapping them for a size 7.5, which fit perfectly. 

It was instant love–these sandals are lightweight, plush and comfortable. They have the memory foam footbed and a zippered back for quick slipping on and off.


Before buying, I was concerned the textile strap material may cut into the top of my foot or rub and cause a rash, but that hasn’t been the case at all. I wore them all night at an outdoor wedding, paired with a cute summer dress, and I was very comfortable. 

The Rome sandal is very versatile. Pair it with a cute, formal dress (and head to a wedding like I did!) or wear them with casual summer attire. They’re comfortable and supportive to walk long distances in, and stylish enough to wear out on the town.


The Rome Wedge sandal is one of Jambu’s most popular summer styles and it sells out fast! I had to check a couple of retailers before finding my size in the color I wanted.

Review of the Jenny Knit Sneaker



  • Supportive and cushioned soles
  • Easy-to-clean upper textile and lower rubber soles
  • Adjustable laces 
  • Easy to slip on, loop on back heel
  • Breathable material; no sweating
  • Stylish and versatile 


  • Potentially uncomfortable wire seam down middle of top foot
  • Can see socks through the vented side ports

I chose the Jenny Knit sneaker because I wanted something easy to slip on, but with the security of a sneaker. I’m also pumped that 90’s looks are making a comeback and these had the stylish, throwback 90s vibes that I was looking for. I chose the all-white color to stick with the classic 90s platform sneaker look. *I know, getting anything in all-white is a risk when you’re outdoors a lot! But I couldn’t resist*


Jambu’s Jenny Knit is a “vulcanized” sneaker that’s like a modern hybrid of a Converse and a classic platform sneaker. And if you aren’t familiar, “vulcanized” means it’s a type of hardened rubber created by treating it with sulfur at high temperatures. 

Like the Rome sandals, the first size I ordered was a size 8 and they ended up being too big, so I downsized to a 7.5 and they fit just right. 

The exterior material is a mesh-like, lightweight material that provides ultimate breathability for your footsie. Just be wary that if you wear colorful socks, the colors will show through the vented slot areas.


The Jenny Knit boasts the Memory Foam insoles and All Terra Traction rubber outsoles, providing uber comfort for long walks or activity. I like that it uses good ol’ fashioned shoe laces so I can tighten or loosen to my preference. 


What I love about this style of sneaker is how I can slip it on like a backless shoe, but it keeps my foot snug because it isn’t backless. It actually has extra padding on the interior of the back heel as well, making it extra comfortable for walking long distances in.


I was a little surprised at the lack of padding on the interior, upper part of the shoe that rests on the top of your foot, though. When I first received the size 8s, I immediately felt the wire seam running down the top of my foot and it was uncomfortable. But surprisingly, when I received the 7.5, I didn’t notice the wire seam and it became a non-issue.


The Jenny Knit sneakers come in some classic and funky colors–ranging from vibrant patterns to simple all-white. No secret keeping my all-white sneakers totally clean has been an epic challenge. But the material is easy to clean (both the lower rubber outsole and upper mesh material), so I don’t mind an occasional wipe-down. 


What is Jambu & Co?

Jambu is an orthopedic shoe brand founded in 2010 by Soloman Dabah, a third-generation footwear industry family member with over thirty years of experience in the shoe biz. Based out of New York, Jambu was born out of the parent company Vida International Shoes, founded by the Dabah family. It’s safe to say they know what they’re doing when it comes to designing functional and stylish shoes.

As the Jambu site states, “Jambu was created to fuel exploration and empower adventurous spirits with thoughtfully-made footwear that pairs fashion and function.” The brand makes shoes for both men and women, but I’m only focusing on Jambu shoes for women in this review.

What’s the Difference Between JBU and Jambu Shoes?

Jambu branched out into a second brand, JBU (Just Be You), which puts the most focus on trending styles at slightly lower prices than Jambu. I would say that JBU shoes are more for casual, everyday wear around town, whereas Jambu is better for more active, outdoorsy lifestyles.

Jambu’s Eco-Friendly Stance

Beyond offering its vegan and eco-friendly shoe lines, Jambu also uses partially recycled rubber in all the outsoles of its shoes. They use 100% recycled packaging material that can also be recycled and/or reused. 

But what’s super cool is their Repurpose Program, where customers can mail in their used Jambu shoes in exchange for a $10 credit. The used shoes are then either donated through their partner (Project Sole) or broken down and repurposed to make new shoes. 

Where are Jambu Shoes Made?

Jambu shoes are manufactured in China, where they keep a tight watch on the manufacturing processes to ensure they’re done ethically and sustainably.

Are Jambu Shoes Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Jambu shoes are podiatrist approved and, according to many reviewers, make a great option for those dealing with plantar fasciitis. The memory foam and cushioned insoles make for top-notch all-day comfort. 

Do Jambu Shoes Run True to Size?

From my experience with both the Jenny Knits and Rome Wedges, Jambu shoes run a little big. I had to downsize by a half size with both styles. I also saw some reviews stating the shoes ran large for them. 

Jambu's Return Policy

Jambu offers full refunds within 30 days of purchase, assuming the shoes are still in new condition and original packaging. If you have to exchange sizes, you simply need to return the first pair and order the second pair (there is no exchange program). 

If you’re ready to return your shoes, you can print out a shipping label through Jambu for $8 (that will be deducted from your refund). You won’t be refunded on the initial shipping costs, either. 

Overall Review of Jambu Shoes for Women

There are few shoe brands that can consistently marry style and comfort, and Jambu is one of them. 

Now that I’m spending more time urban van dwelling or staying in a house in the city, I want more fashionable shoes. Van life is random and I rarely know my schedule, so having shoes that I can either go on a random walk in, or run errands in, is important. 

I’m excited to see what new styles Jambu comes out with in the coming seasons! Use code GREENVANGO15 on for 15% off your own order!

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