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Best Travel Pillow and Blanket Sets in 2024

Having a blanket and pillow handy is never a bad idea when you’re traveling. Whether you’re camping, on a road trip, spending a long time on an airplane, backpacking, or braving van life through the winter, a travel blanket and pillow set can really save your neck (literally.)

I personally love to tuck a small throw blanket and neck pillow into my luggage. As travelers, we never know when we might end up crashing on a couch for a night or stuck in an airport or on a bus. A travel blanket and pillow set is one of the most useful travel accessories you can have.

Deep-Dive: The Best Travel Pillow & Blanket Sets

I put together this list of my favorite travel blanket and pillow set options for you.  These are sets that include two separate pieces (versus the kind where the blanket folds up into a bag, to become the pillow.) This also doesn’t include any wearable blankets like the Selk’bag sleeping bag (but if you’re intrigued by a wearable sleeping bag, you can read my Selk’bag review here).

Let’s dive in!

UrNextTour Travel Blanket and Pillow Set


I love the UrNextTour travel blanket and pillow combo because it features a rigid neck pillow, which in my opinion is the best pillow for traveling, especially for a road trip or long flight. The blanket is made of plush polyester microfiber fleece, so it’s warm but lightweight. The pillow has side pockets that can store your phone or keys.

The travel blanket unfolds to 50×60″ but the entire set packs down into a hand luggage sleeve of just 9×6″. It has a backpack clip to easily attach to your bag or carry over your arm and comes in a range of colors.

Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Travel Blanket & Stuffable Bag Pillow


If you’re looking for the height of luxury (and you’re willing to pay a bit for it) you can’t go wrong with the Rumpl NanoLoft travel blanket and Rumpl Stuffable pillow sack. The NanoLoft throw blanket is made of post-consumer recycled polyester shell, with recycled NanoLoft™ insulation that mimics the properties of down, so it’s extremely light, durable, and water resistant.

The blanket has a cape clip so it can be worn around the neck when you need hands free, and it packs down into a tiny washable cover which takes up very little space.


The stuffable soft bag pillowcase can be filled with a jacket, blankets, bedding, or any soft material to create a pillow on the go. Because it contains no stuffing of its own it takes up very little space when not in use. It also comes with a stuff sack for storage.

Travellow Travel Blanket and Pillow Set


The Travellow four-in-one travel blanket and pillow set comes with a throw blanket, pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs. The travel blanket unfolds to 65×50″ and packs down into a 9×12″ case, which has a backpack clip for backpacks or a hand luggage sleeve attachment to hook onto the handle of a wheelie bag.

The pillow is made of memory foam and the blanket is 100% micro plush, so they’re guaranteed to be soft, fuzzy, and luxurious. The included eye mask and ear plugs guarantee you get the peace and darkness you need to sleep no matter where you are.

Thermarest Ramble Down Blanket and Airhead Pillow


Thermarest is one of those well-known and highly trusted brands when it comes to travel gear and camping supplies, so it’s no surprise that their travel blanket and pillow options are high-quality. I love the Thermaest Ramble down blanket and inflatable down pillow.

A down blanket is nature’s warm hug. Down is naturally heat-retaining and moisture resistant, and this down blanket is treated for additional water resistance. Down also packs down tight and easily springs back to its original shape when unpacked.


The Therm-a-rest Airhead down inflatable pillow is unique from other travel pillows because it’s made with a down-insulated topper. This topper will add a ton of warmth and softness, making this pillow ideal for chilly camping nights. It’s also super convenient because it take up almost no space when deflated, and can be inflated to your preferred firmness. Plus, no lumps or bumps, as can happen with other pillows when the stuffing starts to clump.

This travel blanket and the pillow come with a backpack clip for easy carry.

Votown Home Inflatable Pillow & Travel Blanket Set


If you prefer a neck pillow but still want the convenience of an inflatable pillow, check out the Votown Home travel blanket pillow combo. The inflatable neck pillow has neck snaps to keep it in position while you’re sleeping, and the 40×70″ travel blanket has cape snaps to keep it around your neck and shoulders.

The blanket comes with a zippered pocket for your phone and other travel accessories, and the travel blanket and pillow pack down into a soft bag pillowcase that is built into the blanket so you never need to worry about misplacing it. A handy backpack clip makes for easy carry on your bag or backpack.

GiaPow Travel Blanket and Soft Bag Pillowcase


Okay, I admit: the GiaPow travel blanket pillow combo is meant for kids, but come on! It’s just so cute! The pillow functions as both a pillow and a hand warmer, with gloves slits stitched into each side so you can tuck your hands into it when you lay down your head.

The blanket can be stuffed inside the pillow for easy storage while not in use, and when removed, the soft bag pillowcase can be stuffed with a jacket, sweatshirt, or other soft material to create an on-the-go pillow.

Both the blanket and pillow are made of soft, fuzzy, lightweight fleece that keep you warm without overheating you.

Why Nomads Should Invest in a Travel Blanket & Pillow Set

If you’ve been relying on airlines to provide you with a blanket and pillow on your long flights, then you know how disappointingly uncomfortable and cheap those things can be. Plus, you have to give them back at the end of the flight!

Savvy nomads know to bring their own travel blanket/pillow set. That way you know you’re getting quality, and you’ll always have it with you. It’s great not just for flights and road trips, but for concerts, crashing with friends, or even to boost the comfort of your chair next time you’re working remotely at the coffee shop. And if you’re a van lifer, you know that a decent van mattress is only part of the equation for a restful night’s sleep!

Trust me, when it comes to travel accessories, you won’t regret investing in a decent blanket and comfy pillow!

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