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The Best RFID Travel Wallets for Women in 2024

What features jump to mind when you think about today’s best travel wallets? For me, it’s security.

Long gone are the days of cash pick-pocketing as the biggest threat to your wallet. Instead, criminals can steal your credit card information or worse, your personal information via RFID-scanning technology. 

The scariest part? You probably won’t know when an attack happens. It could be hours, days, weeks or months before you notice, perhaps, an unexplained credit card charge or receive a suspicious text or call.

So for those of us nomads who are constantly on the go, we need to protect ourselves so we aren’t vulnerable to potential attacks. This means investing in an RFID-blocking travel wallet to reduce the chances of someone stealing your sensitive information.

I’ve rounded up the most dependable, reputable and rugged RFID-safe travel wallets that will fit in your travel backpack and be the travel companion that’ll put your mind at ease. Let’s dive in to see which travel wallet suits you best.

Best RFID Travel Wallets at a Glance

05/30/2024 04:52 pm GMT

What Makes for a Good Travel Wallet?

Fits the Essentials

Most frequent travelers have their essentials down to a science. We have no spare room for items that might be used–everything must earn its keep. But that also requires a special storage space for each essential. The best travel wallets will accommodate all of your necessities without compromising on size or style. 

Stores Items Very Securely

Rugged velcro pockets, secret zippered compartments, even lockable pouches are some of the best features in a trustworthy travel wallet. You shouldn’t have to worry that items may slip out of a shallow pocket or fall out due to a weak latch.

Low Profile

Style is important, but who wants a wallet that screams for attention? The best travel wallets are like silent partners in crime – understated yet stylish. It lets you express your unique style without attracting unwanted attention.

Comfortable to Wear

Admittedly, it can be tricky to find a travel wallet that simultaneously fits all of your essentials without becoming too bulky. But the right travel wallet is designed to be stored on your body in a way that’s discreet and has your comfort as its number one priority. 


Who says you can’t have both practicality and style? After all, your travel wallet may end up in a lot of your cool travel photos–so you better like the way it looks! From fun colors or patterns to unique wallet styles, try to think long-term when you pick out the best style for yourself.

Deep-Dive: Best RFID Wallets for Women

Let’s get into the details of what makes each of the travel wallets featured in the table above so top-rated!

Best Bi-Fold Travel Wallet: Pacsafe RFIDsafe V100 Wallet

Pacsafe RFIDsafe V100 RFID Blocking Bi-Fold Wallet

The Pacsafe V100 wallet is essentially your standard bi-fold wallet; room for cash, change, and up to five cards. But what separates this travel wallet from your basic ones is its RFIDsafe blocking material, hard-to-cut Dyneema webbing adjustable and detachable wrist strap to help prevent accidental drops or snatching, and a super stealthy zippered pocket for hiding anything critical. 

Potential drawbacks: this wallet won’t fit your passport and its simple bi-fold style may increase the risk of items falling out as the card holder slots may loosen over time.

Best Neck Travel Wallet: HERO RFID-Blocking Passport Holder

HERO RFID-Blocking Passport Holder

The HERO RFID-Blocking passport holder is great for those travelers who want to use their wallet more like a purse, where you can fit all of the essentials. It’ll fit your passport, cash, cards, and even smartphones as big as the iPhone 15 Pro (without a bulky phone case). YKK zippers and ripstop nylon make this wallet nearly indestructible, while RFIDsafe lining and an adjustable neck strap will keep everything secure and protected. It doesn’t hurt that the HERO wallet comes in some fun colors such as purple and pink, for those of us who want a pop of color!

Potential drawbacks: While the HERO wallet can fit a lot, it still won’t fit anything bulky very well, such as chapstick or coin pouches. And this is just aesthetics, but I personally don’t love the look of all of the zippers across the wallet.

Best Trackable Travel Wallet: Pascacoo AirTag RFID-Blocking Passport Wallet

Airtag Passport Holder Cover Wallet RFID Blocking Leather Case

The Pascacoo travel wallet could be a lifesaver for travelers who tend to misplace or lose their wallet, thanks to its built-in AirTag pouch (note: AirTag not included). If your wallet was stolen, you can track its location with the FindMy app. Pair that with its RFID-safe cover and you have a pretty dang secure travel wallet. It even comes with a mini metal pen and pin to change out your SIM card if you’re going international. This wallet can comfortably hold up to six cards, your passport, cash and the mini pen and SIM pin it comes with.

Potential drawbacks: The Pascacoo wallet uses a metal clasp to latch closed which seems less secure than a zipper-latch. Also, seasoned thieves may recognize the AirTag pouch and remove the AirTag, rendering it useless. You may be better off simply hiding an AirTag in a hidden pocket.

Best Travel Wallet Organizer: Amazon Basics RFID Passport Organizer

Amazon Basics RFID Travel Passport Wallet Organizer

As the name suggests, the Amazon Basics passport organizer is a simple and basic , RFID-blocking travel wallet that can hold up to eight cards, two passports, two tickets and zippered pockets for other small necessities. It even has a pen holder! This organizer is ideal for couples or families who want to keep all of their documents in one singular location. The exterior zippered closure and RFID-blocking material ensure the security of your travel docs.

Potential drawbacks: The only strap included is a small exterior loop that wouldn’t fit around your neck or wrist. You may want to buy an additional detachable strap so you can securely store the organizer on your body.

Best Waist Wallet for Travel: Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Deluxe Money Belt

Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Deluxe Money Belt

The Eagle Creek RFID Blocker money belt is great for travelers who want a super low-profile and secure way to carry their essentials. You can hide the money belt underneath your clothing, making it impossible to tell you’re carrying anything–which is an added security benefit. This belt includes two zippered pockets and can hold cards, cash and documents as big as your passport. The moisture-wicking breathable back panel will help keep you comfortable in hot temps. And of course, the whole front of the belt is made of RFID-blocking material to keep your sensitive information safe.

Potential drawbacks: Keep in mind this travel belt will only fit one passport–so if you’re a couple or family looking to fit more than one, you will want to size up.

Best Cross Body Travel Wallet: Baggalini Take Two RFID Wallet

Baggallini Take Two RFID Bryant Crossbody1

The Baggalini Take Two Cross Body wallet is like a stylish mini purse that you can dress up or dress down with. This is a great all-day adventure purse since you can remove or adjust the straps to shoulder, waistpack, cross body or just wristlet. And the “Take Two” refers to the two large pockets that can store anything from your passport, credit cards, or cellphone. It comes in a huge variety of fun prints and colors, so choose carefully! It’s super lightweight, weighing just 5.5 oz. and is made of water-resistant, RFID-blocking material for maximum protection. Also includes a quick-access phone pocket. 

Potential drawbacks: The interior of the purse is essentially two big pockets, with a couple of small internal zippered pockets. This means your essentials will be floating around versus stored securely in card slots or mesh pockets. 

Best Bra Pouch Wallet: Compass Rose RFID Secret Bra Wallet

Secret Bra Wallet Travel Money Pouch with Anti-theft RFID Protection by Travel Fashion Girl

The Compass Rose RFID secret bra pouch is made for the ladies looking for ultimate discreteness. Just clasp the RFID-blocking bra pouch to the front or side of your bra and it will lay flat against your body, totally hidden underneath that cute travel dress or outfit. The pouch is made of a soft nylon, lingerie-esque material that won’t irritate skin. Adjust the strap to your liking and don’t sweat if it will fit you because the pouch is compatible with bra sizes from AA-DD and with bra band widths up to 4” wide. This little pouch is even machine-washable!

Potential drawbacks: It might be difficult to quickly access items from this bra pouch since it will be buried under clothing. Storage space is very limited and won’t fit your passport.

Best Passport Holder: Zero Grid Passport Travel Wallet

Zero Grid Passport Wallet - Travel Document Holder RFID Blocking

The Zero Grid passport wallet is ideal for uber-organized digital nomads and comes with a plethora of cool add-ons. The wallet has designated compartments for your passport, immigration documents, up to four credit or ID cards, cash and a pen slot. Zero Grid throws in an extra seven RFID-blocking card sleeves in case the built-in four card slots aren’t enough. 

But one of the coolest features in my opinion is its inclusion of two recovery tags from ReturnMe, which is the world’s largest lost and found company. You can stick the tags on your travel wallet, laptop, phone or whatever you want, and call the 24/7 customer support if you lose an item. This seems slightly more secure than using an AirTag since it would be more difficult for thieves to spot and remove the ReturnMe tag, whereas many thieves already look for AirTags on their stolen items and throw them out, rendering the tags useless. Last but not least, Zero Grid vouches to reimburse you up to $300 should your items be stolen and go unrecovered. Pretty impressive!

Potential drawbacks: The wallet doesn’t come with any straps, or even any loops, to attach a neck or wrist strap to. This means you should keep it tucked away in a bag at all times, which isn’t as convenient or secure as keeping it directly on your body.

Best Travel Clutch: Nautica Bulk Cargo Women’s Clutch

Nautica Bulk Cargo Womens RFID Wallet Clutch Zip Around Organizer

Not only does the Nautica Bulk Cargo clutch come at affordable prices and beautiful colors, but it boasts a lot of storage space that protects your sensitive info with RFID-blocking material. It keeps a slim, low-profile look while still being able to hold your passport, up to 18 credit cards, an ID card with clear window, and 4 large pockets for your other essentials. It’s made of vegan leather and features a snap closure. This travel wallet could easily be used for daily life or frequent traveling.

Potential drawbacks: The clutch style means it doesn’t include a strap that you can secure around your neck, shoulder, or even wrist–which is a slight security risk.

Best Travel Wallet Belt: Bison Designs T-Lock Money Belt


Even though the Bison T-Lock money belt doesn’t feature RFID-blocking material, it made the list because it offers an insanely secure and minimalist way to carry around your cash. Plus, RFID-blocking isn’t necessary on this belt since it can’t fit items that hold sensitive information anyways, such as credit cards or passports. It’s TSA-friendly with a non-metallic Delrin cam buckle so it won’t set off metal detectors, and made of durable nylon web that won’t shrink or fade. And worst case you lose this belt, it comes with a lifetime warranty!

Potential drawbacks: Obviously it’s only ideal for travelers looking to carry around just cash. And although it’s super discreet, you may have trouble easily and quickly accessing your money since the pocket is so small and flesh-against the belt.

Tips for Choosing the Best Travel Wallet for You

First and foremost, please stick with an RFID-blocking travel wallet. It’s cheap and simple insurance that can save you a lot of hassle (and potentially money) down the road. 

What kind of activities are you typically partaking in when you travel? If you’re an avid outdoors-person who spends a lot of time in remote nature, consider a rugged or waterproof travel wallet that you can store an AirTag in, should you accidentally lose it. Or if you’re more of a city traveler who spends more time in coffee shops and busy areas, I recommend a wallet that can be hidden on the body with really secure latches, to lower the risk of a pick-pocketer snatching it. 

Personally, I like the cross body style travel wallet with adjustable straps because it can accommodate any activity throughout my day. Sometimes I like hiking on my travels, sometimes I work in a coffee shop all day. The adjustable or removable straps give me more comfort and security options.

So, which travel wallet will accompany you on your next domestic or international trip?


Transparency note: please keep in mind that some links in my articles may be affiliate links, to which I may make a small commission at no extra to you, should you book travel or buy a product or service through one of these links. I only recommend products or services created by brands I know and trust. 

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