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Holly Priestley

Brief info

I’m a Freelance Writer, Strategist & Coach helping B2B Companies increase their authority.
In other words, I distill ideas into words so my clients can make a bigger impact.

My clients are proficient in their areas of expertise but either don’t have the time, the desire, or the skillset to turn this expertise into content for their companies. I essentially download the information they have in their minds and develop content that educates their audiences and positions them as a Thought Leader and visible authority in their industry.

Frequently, this means I create content for their websites or for other publications. I also help coach entrepreneurs and strategize the best forms of content to prioritize and which channels to publish it to to create the greatest impact.

I’ve written articles to be published in the Harvard Business Review as well as for Deloitte consultants, IT contract negotiators, travel industry consultants, market research firms, and many others.

I write compelling content for businesses who want to reach their audiences in a creative, educational way and I also write inspiring content for people who want to live authentic lives whether that be starting your own business or maybe moving into a van to travel the world.

My background as an entrepreneur for over 10 years – heavy on the internet side of things – and my Bachelor of Science with a focus in Management and Psychology add to my unique blend of experience and education in order to better help my clients.

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