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Ep. 2 My Desert Meetup Goes Epically Wrong

Welcome to the Second Episode of the Van Life Horror Stories Podcast!

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Synopsis of Episode 2

After launching my first episode, I asked for feedback on what types of episodes listeners would like to hear in the future. A lot of people said they wanted to know more about my own scary experiences! I was more than happy to oblige since I love sharing my own weird stories. 

This story, however, happened about a year before I started van life. It was a scary but sobering experience that actually helped inspire me to start van life because it showed me I could stay calm in the face of danger. 

A quick summary is that I met up with a friend from childhood, Grant, in Moab, Utah to explore some national parks over the weekend. We had a plan on where and when to meet, however I made a quick stop that completely derailed the first 24 hours of the trip and prevented me from meeting with him. 

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The Fateful RV of Grant's That I Missed By a Second


Despite a Rough Start to the Weekend, Still Smiling & Exploring


Some Awesome Views of Dead Horse Point


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